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UACLA April 24 Commemoration Day

Apr. 24. 2012 - All Armenian communities gathered in Montobello to respect the one & half million Armenian victims of Turkish Genocide after 97 years.

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Armenian Genocide Commemoration Day

Apr. 22. 2012 - Organized by the Literary Committee, this is the April 24th Armenian Genocide 97th anniversary commemoration day. Keynote speaker Dr. Manook Seraydarian.

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UACLA Dinner

Apr. 21. 2012

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Family Night

Apr. 13. 2012 - Food & games night for families.

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Vahakn Daderian's Lecture

Apr. 02. 2012 - Subject "The role of Zeki Bay the governor of Der Zor in the Armenian Genocide"

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Arabian Night

Mar. 24. 2012 - Dinner & dance with Arabic music & food

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Kenell Tourian Lecture

Mar. 11. 2012 - Subject "Science & Christian faith: do they contradict or complement each other"

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20th Anniversary of AYAC

Nov.12.2011 - 20 Years of hard work, and goals achievments and success, AYAC celebrated the anniversay in colouful moods & high spirit of enthusiaztic evening of music, food & singing!

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Kids Halloween Party

Oct.29.2011 - The youth committee prepared this hounting night party for kids, turning the AYAC hall to a spooky place to celebrate.

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Santa Barbara Trip

Aug.07.2011 - One day trip to Stnta Barbara, Solvang & Chumash casino. Some won, some lost, but all got a great barbecue lunch.

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Spain Trip

Oct.09.2011 - Annually, AYAC organizes oversease travel tours, this year was a trip to Spain..Needless to say pictures tell all...

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Annual Picnic

Sep.11.2011 - The annual AYAC family picnic was held at Woodley park Van Nyus, with attendance more than 300 people, the day was fun for every one, adults, young & kids as well. Music, games, ping pong, backgammon, and lots of prize winners.

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Fresno Trip

Sep.24.2011 - Two day trip to Fresno to a attend "Prpoor" traditional celebration of grape blessing & preparing.

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Bedros Tomassian Lecture

Aug.21.2011 - Bedros Tomassian being one of the well known personalities of Iraqi Armenians in lecturing Armenian History past & present, had an outstanding lecture about "The Holy Church Of Akhtamar Throughout History" with amazing power point slide show of detailed information about his lecture.

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Gomidas Choire Concert

Oct.30.2011 - With much anticipation, and rehersal, Gomidas Choire made his third live appearance in Glendale Presbyterian Church, performing choral Armenian songs.

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Meeting With UAC

Nov.07.2011 - This is the first introductory meeting with UAC (Armenian United Committee) representing different Armeina oginazation, to discuss the methods to prepare for Armenian Genocide 100th anniversary.

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Family Night

Aug.05.2011 - Every first Friday of each month, family night brings joy & fun with everyone, including games & delirious dinner prepared by the Ladies' Guild.

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Board Meeting with the Committees

Jul.12.2011 - Annually, the Board of AYAC conducts seasonal meetings with various working Committees to discuss their needs, and share new ideas & overview the scheduled activities in the forthcoming months.

View The Dr. Prof. Razmig Shirinian Lecture Album

Dr. Prof. Razmig Shirinian Lecture

Jul.24.2011 - Informative & interesting public lecture presented by Dr. Prof. Razmig Shirinian. subject "The Absurdity of Diplomacy and the Absence of Politics From the Middle East to Armenia"

View The Comedy Night with Krikor Satamian Album

Comedy Night with Krikor Satamian

Jun.18.2011 - Organized by the Iraqi Armenian Schools Reunion Committee of AYAC & for a special Father's Day event, A hilarious comedy night presented by standalone performer Krikor Satamian featuring his latest show "Menk Aysbes Enk". The show was concluding full mezza & dinner, and later on the dance party was ignited by audience enthusiastic mood.

View The Meeting with Archbishop Avak Asadourian Album

Meeting with Archbishop Avak Asadourian

Jun.24.2011 - The board of Directors of AYAC arranges this one night opportunity to a public meeting with his Eminence Archbishop Avak Asadourian the Primate of the Armenian diocese of Iraq. His Eminence reflected about his participating in many Church related conferences, specially on his latest visit to Jamaica. Also Srpazan Hayr answered some questions from the audience regarding the Armenian community & life in Iraq in recent time.